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Why I’m Running

I am not and never planned to be a politician, but after serving my country for 32 years I knew that it was time to stand again and serve. Our country is being torn apart by the career politicians is Washington who are more interested in getting re-elected than serving their constituents. The problems facing this great nation need to be addressed by those who have the fortitude and desire to make the tough decisions no matter the cost.

This is why I am running to represent the 3rd District and am asking for your vote.

    - Col. (Ret.) Steve Toft

Steve Toft with wife


Steve was born and raised on a farm in West Central Wisconsin where he learned the value of hard work at an early age. After graduating from Osseo-Fairchild high school and working his way through college at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Steve enlisted in the U.S. Army. His Army career spanned 32 years where he worked his way from Private to Colonel.

Successfully presiding over numerous commands and earning many high level awards, Steve gained expertise and experience that few can match. It also gave him a unique perspective on the challenges facing our country. Running a large, complex healthcare system, serving in active war zones, responding to natural disasters and working with the Veterans Administration have positioned Steve to be the clear choice to represent the 3rd District in Washington.

During his Army career, Steve met and married his wife Carla. Since retiring from the service, Steve and Carla have returned home to Osseo. They have two grown children, Stephanie and Austin.

Steve Toft hunting


Federal Government: More Power to States, People

Limiting the size and scope of the Federal Government is an arduous task and requires a leader who has the experience to stand up and say enough is enough. Steve has seen first hand the bloat and waste of the federal government and as Post Commander he made the tough decisions to reduce the bureaucracy and really cut costs.

Steve is an adamant supporter of the 10th Amendment and wants to give the states and people more power to make decisions. Washington is too far removed from the people it governs, we need more decisions made as close to the people is possible.

Health Care: Lower Costs. More Options

Understanding the American health care system requires more than a career in Washington. It requires a deep understanding of how these systems work and how they can be improved. As a medical officer in the Army, Steve ran large, complex health systems that delivered care to all our fighting men and women in the Pacific Theater. This first-hand experience is instrumental in tackling our nations broken health care system. The full repeal of ObamaCare and the burdensome regulations crippling our system is just the start. Allowing patients to be more connected to the true costs of care and giving them the power to make their own decisions is the key to bringing down costs and increasing accessibility.

Veterans: Keeping Our Promises

Our fighting men and women deserve the best from a grateful nation. Too often our promises have gone unfulfilled and our veterans have been left holding the bag. A veteran himself, Steve has seen the best and worst of our support system. While many are receiving great care, too many are left out in the cold without the help they deserve. He supports a top to bottom review of the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure veterans receive the care they deserve and expect.

Tax Reform: Strengthening Our Middle Class

Congress made a great first step in passing tax reform, but the process is just beginning. Over the years, our tax code has been turned to swiss cheese by those who are connected and Washington politicians who are too eager to pick winners and losers. We all win when taxes are lowered and made simpler for everyone. Washington is going to need more principled, dedicated public servants who are more interested in doing what is right for this country than being re-elected.

Jobs: Creating a Stronger Economy

There’s no better way to strengthen families and communities than through a robust economy and good paying jobs. Steve is committed to reviewing and rolling back government regulations that hamper job growth and stifle economic development. In addition, tax cuts, energy development, and fair trade deals will help expand the economy for agricultural producers and manufacturers in Western Wisconsin. Steve’s goal is to help create an environment for job creation that will benefit workers and raise wages.

Immigration: A Merit-based System, No Amnesty

America has a long and proud tradition of immigration and welcoming families who seek a better life in the United States. However, a country without borders is no country at all. Steve supports securing our southern border and cracking down on illegal immigrants who commit crimes, and he opposes blanket amnesty. He believes our country should enact a merit-based immigration plan that puts an end to illegal immigration and protects American workers.

Steve Toft in Uniform
Steve Toft hunting

Term Limits: Returning Power to the People

Too many politicians are content to ride the power of incumbency and make their time in Washington a career. We need to return to the idea of citizen legislators that bring real world experience to the legislative process and then return home to continue their careers. A government closer to the people, serves the people best. Career politicians like Ron Kind are content to spend decades in Congress with few accomplishments. Steve sees his time in Congress as the next phase in his service to America and if elected will limit his time to four terms.

Ron Kind: Career Politician

It’s not enough for a politician just to show up in the months before an election. The people deserve a leader who will fight for their interests 365 days a year. As Steve has traveled all 18 counties of the district, he has heard the same thing repeatedly, we can do better. Ron Kind has made a career out of sitting on the backbench and only working to be re-elected. It’s time that someone steps up and is willing to be the bold advocate the 3rd District deserves in Congress.

Steve isn’t running to start a career in Washington. He sees the opportunity to serve his nation again and then return to life as a private citizen. When career politicians like Ron Kind are more interested in being re-elected than doing what is right, the people suffer. It’s time to retire Ron Kind and elect someone with a lifetime of experience fighting for his country.

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